Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why can't I get on JR train with my electric cart?

I can get on the local train (Seibu line) with my cart.
Using an elevator, I enter to a station and get on the train using the board between the train and the platform by station worker.
That is so smooth and easily.
I don't get on the train in the rush.

As for JR(Japan Railway), electric wheel chair is OK.
And electric cart provided by the law of welfare for the handicapped is OK.
But the cart let by nursing care insurance system like me is not allowded.

Firstly I asked the reason to JR (East Japan.)
After several days, they answered that they only followed the line of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry.
Then I called that Ministry.
The goverment official said they aimed the barrier-free transportation.
Now was on the way. Electric cart of 2003 was big and not suitable for mass transit.
So they speeded up the development the smaller cart suitable for mass transit, at the same time they were allowing the cart which is necessary for the physically challenged.
Only one can't controle but electric cart.

The official may think the object of nursing care insurance are almost elderly,they may use the cart as it is convenient.

The Parkinson's disease patients over age of 40 are subjected to nursing care insurance system.
to be continued...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Workshop in Osaka

On the 29 October, the workshop of Physiotherapy was held in Osaka.
Mariella and Chiu from EPDA, Takashi and I had done together.
The attendants were great!
This peoject is the first one for me.
At first I was not positive, but thanks to all it ended successfully.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

my favorite blouson

Last November, I went to Kobe with my husband for family matters.
At Kobe, I walked around and bought a down blouson by agnes b.
When I found this blouson, I decided to buy this.
I had no hesitation to do. That is sporty,kahki and just fitted me (size xxs.)
The price was more than thirty thousands yen, but it is valuable for me much more.
The hood is available from the neck when it rains.
During the last winter, almost everyday,I was wearing this blouson.

The season to wear my favorite blouson again is coming.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

my 41 years

I asked a question to Dr. Lieberman about my "on."
He answered as follows;

40 years is an extra-ordinarily long time to have PD. The fact that you are mobile much of the time is a tribute to the slow progression of the disease, the skill of your doctors, and your own ability to keep abreast of the disease. Freezing does occur with PD. If you go to our website and look under Parkinson FAQ and Encyclopedia you will find articles on freezing and PD, and how to deal with freezing.

Being mobile like me may be so rare.
That means my condition from now may not continue.
A few years later, I will not be able to walk at all, is that right?
It may be. Or It can be or it must be?
So terrible to imagine that(I can not walk at all.)

Be optimistic as till now.
I was always optimistic so that make slow my disease's progress.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I am going to Nishi-Okoppe alone next week. I have already sent my electric cart yesterday. Kurione sayd that it would be cool after the 15 August in Hokkaido.
In early next week, I'll send my clothes, so that I had better to bring only a little. It is too bad that my husband will not go and no picture without him. I don't have the confidence to take picture at all. Really too bad!
The right is a photo of my friend.

Monday, August 07, 2006

electric cart

During two years, I have used a electric cart.
It is rented by nursing care insurance,costs around 2000 yen per month.
Riding on this, I can go in places of 30 minutes distance (around three kilometres.
This made me free and happy to go alone.

The current rented one is small and can be divided and fashonable.
Although I have to walk as far as possible, going alone is my great pleasure.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

my article

The other day, Alun asked me to email to PDS.
Alun is a Webmaster of YPN.
According to him, they would like me to write an article for their Parkinson magazine.
I said OK and wrote that.

At first,I wrote my disease history by order,then I rewrote focusing the theme titled "My happiness." My forty years since aged 17,have been not easy at all.
But I have big pleasure compensating for the loss by PD,at the same time.

The first happiness is my marriage.
The second is commitment to a patient activity which is a vocation for me because I have never had occupation on account of disease
The final is the availability of dopamine agonists.

I wrote this with help from my friend,poppo-chan.
She helped me with pleasure,she said.
Thanks a lot,poppo-chan!